Friday, December 17, 2010

Amber Ale (extract)

I Started an Amber Ale tonight. I promised my girlfriend's sister that I would brew her her very own batch. So I went the easy way and did extract.
4 lbs extra pale dry malt extract
4 oz corn sugar
4 oz Crystal 40 (steeping grain)
4 oz Special B (steeping grain).
5 gallons water
1 tsp Irish moss

I steeped the grains in 1 gallon of water at 155 deg F for 30 minutes then added to the boil.

1 oz Kent Golding hops for 60 minute boil

White Labs WLP039 Nottingham Ale English yeast pitched at 80 deg F.

I came out with about 3.6 gallons and an SG of 1.055.
I expect the FG to be about 1.014.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

High Gravity Cherry Porter

5 pounds cherry smoked 2-row barley
10 pounds 2-row domestic
1.5 chocolate barley
4 oz special b
8 oz 60 crystal

mash for 90 minutes at 15
sparge 5 gallons at 172
2 tbs gypsum
mash 5.0 ph
sparge 5.2
boil 90 minutes

hop addition centennial at 90 1 oz
hop add 2 at 30 minutes centennial 1 oz
hop add 3 at 15 minutes kent goldings 1 oz
hop add 4 at 1 minutes kent goldings 1 oz

add 3 lbs cherry pure at transfer to fermenting carboy

SG 1.082 corrected from 76 degrees to 60.

SG 1.082
expected FG 1.021
expected ABV 8.10%

Gravity after 2 weeks = 1.020 at 68 degrees


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Something Different

I've been reading a lot about black IPAs now. I'm guessing they're not like a porter but more like Stone's Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale, which I really, really - really like. I mean, like, a whole lot. I could drink a 2 liter growler, pass out, wake up with the worst hangover, shower, take some ibuprofen and drink another. But I never do that. Maybe I should try to make a Black IPA then...